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A strong and committed network

The site www.lesvillagesvacances.com was developed by UNAT (the National Union of Tourist Associations). As of 1920, this association is recognised as one which promotes the public interest; its members are the largest non-profit organisations in France. Its main goals are to promulgate and boost recognition of the right to holidays for all, and to support tourism that respects both the countryside and people.
Its main goals are to promulgate and boost recognition of the right to holidays for all, and to support tourism that respects both the countryside and people.

The site www.lesvillagesvacances.com groups together all the holiday villages which are managed by non-profit organisations; they are members of UNAT.

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Our values

Holiday Villages means holidays which are based on the values of conviviality, discovery, originality; they are people-centred, cultural and touristic.
This means that for each stage of your stay you will have: a personalised welcome when you arrive, teams who are present and available for you every day and who are more than delighted to share the beauties of their area with you. This also means quality meals and food service, which accentuate local gastronomy, and activities and fun entertainment which encourage exchanges and meeting new people. The organisation of our villages reflects this also: comfortable accommodation which makes everything more relaxed, pleasant areas to gather together and sport and leisure facilities where you can meet other holidayers. In short, we have created a space so that you can really enjoy your holiday with your loved ones, and, why not, make new friends.

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Holidays which make sense

Managed by non-profit organisations

Our villages are managed by non-profit organisations and that makes all the difference!
This means that Holiday Villages do not pay shareholders and that the profits are re-invested with your holiday in mind: building renovation, price policies that benefit as many people as possible, participation in holiday aid programmes and investment in the wellbeing and evolution of our employees.
Every day, our professionalism and our commitment are dedicated to caring, quality service, available to all.

Closer to territories

Because we believe that going on holiday means discovering new horizons, our Holiday Villages are located everywhere in France and not only in the large tourist resorts on the coast or in the mountains. We want our holidayers to be able to discover little-known, unspoiled areas: that is one of our main goals. That also means that our villages participate actively in the local economies: they create many jobs, use, when they can, local suppliers, actively participate in local life …

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Des vacances de qualité, pour tous
Quality holidays for all


Quelque soit la formule d'accueil que vous aurez choisie, la durée de votre séjour, ou votre destination, les villages vacances c'est la garantie d'un rapport qualité/prix inégalé.

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Des vacances accessibles au plus grand nombre

Parce que nous pensons que les vacances doivent être un droit pour tous, les villages vacances cherchent à favoriser le départ en vacances du plus grand nombre. Ils sont ainsi associés à plusieurs dispositifs d'aide au départ en vacances et mettent place des politiques tarifaires adaptées. Bien sûr, sans que la nature ou la qualité des prestations proposées soient remises en cause.

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Vacances et handicap

Des vacances accessibles au plus grand nombre, cela veut dire aussi permettre l'accès de nos villages aux personnes en situation de handicap. Certains villages vacances se sont dotés d'aménagements spécifiques d'accessibilité et de logement pour les personnes handicapées et proposent des activités adaptées.
Le site lesvillagesvacances.com s'appuie sur la labellisation Tourisme et Handicaps, qui labellise les hébergements touristiques selon les quatre types de handicaps : moteur, auditif, visuel et mental.
Ces labels attestent de la capacité des établissements à accueillir les personnes en situation de handicap dans les meilleures conditions.

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